Top 10 Service Dog Breeds Guiding the Blind As The Seeing Eye

Throughout human history, when a man had a need, there’s been a dog there to offer a solution. Dogs are astounding creatures, helping out their humans with anything from sniffing out allergies to emotional support. In many cases, guide dogs offer a life-changing experience for the sightless among us.

#1 Boxer

Due to innate friendliness, such dogs become not only guide dogs but also rescuers. Sensing a threat, the boxer immediately rushes to the aid of the owner. As a guide dog, this breed is suitable for people of medium height, as well as those who live with children. Boxers quickly memorize and execute commands.

#2 Doberman

Due to their activity, such animals are more suitable for blind children than adults. To maintain physical fitness with them requires a lot of walking and playing. By nature, Dobermans are calm, but they are wary of strangers. They quickly realize if the owner is in danger. The advantage of animals is their ability to adapt to the mood of a person.

#3 Golden Retriever

These dogs are friendly and patient. From the representatives of this breed, excellent companions and helpers are obtained. Due to the sharp sense of smell and high intelligence, the retriever often works in the police. The dog quickly remembers commands, it is easily trained. Suitable for adults and children.

#4 Labrador

It belongs to the same cynological group as the retriever. Such dogs are peaceful, calm, complaisant. The height at the withers rarely exceeds 50 cm, which contributes to comfortable movement on the street. Among guide dogs, the breed called Labrador is considered the most popular, it is chosen by about 80% of people with impaired vision. Such animals love children and easily replace the nanny.

#5 German Shepherd

These dogs are distinguished by the highest intellectual abilities; several teams can teach at the same time. In addition to quick wits, they have a cheerful good temper, remain loyal to the owner until the end of their lives. Because of their courage, shepherds are often used as guards and rescuers. But, despite the expressed watchdog skills, they show kindness and patience towards family members and other animals.

#6 Rottweiler

The advantage of the breed is strength, endurance. Thanks to the physical data from such dogs, not only excellent guide dogs are obtained, but also lifeguards and security guards. Due to their high intelligence, animals respond well to training. Since the Rottweiler has a tendency to dominate, it is recommended to use them as guides only for people with a strong-willed character.

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