Top 10 Service Dog Breeds Guiding the Blind As The Seeing Eye

#7 Giant Schnauzer

Dogs with this name are the largest guide since their growth reaches 70 cm. Schnauzers are brave, strong and hardy. Due to the expressed protective qualities, such a dog will protect the owner to the end. Animals have a good memory, developed intelligence.

#8 Royal poodle

Good and peaceful dogs, characterized by unlimited devotion. Since they lend themselves well to training, they can be turned on even by inexperienced owners. Poodles are active and playful, they love to be in the spotlight and get along with all family members.

#9 Collie

Since the breed originally belonged to shepherd, she has a pronounced instinct for the defender. Despite this, animals are distinguished by good disposition, devotion, and activity. Not afraid of outside noise, sounds, busy traffic. Most often used as helpers for children.

#10 Husky

Husky is both smart and gentle. These friendly dogs know when to tell their owner “no” how to avoid potentially dangerous situations and they love to work. Acting as a guide dog is a great incentive that they need to stay happy.

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