Top 15 Popular Hunting Dog Breeds

There are hunting dogs that are bred most often. Their characteristics, descriptions, and photos are set out in our rating of the 15 best dogs for hunting.

#1 Jack Russell Terrier

The tireless Jack Russell Terrier is an excellent dog for hunting badgers and foxes. The dog is perfectly oriented in the forest, dense shrubs and field.

#2 Bloodhound

One of the main characteristics of Bloodhounds is the possession of an incredible scent. For example, a dog can chase the smell of four days ago.

#3 English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel is a hunting dog that searches for and brings a bird.

#4 Irish Setter

The fiery brown Irish setter is well looking for black grouse, partridge, woodcock, quail, duck.

#5 Estonian Hound

The main specialization of the Estonian Hound is the hare. But it is also suitable for hunting for quail, pheasant, fox, wild boar, roe deer.

#6 Deutsch Drahthaar

Drahthaar easily leaves in swamps, thickets. He is tireless in the field or in the forest. Thinly feels the owner-hunter.

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