Top 5 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World You Should Be Aware

Beware of a dog!

There are some really dangerous for human-dog breeds in the world. They will not gently wag their tail and give you a paw. Moreover, they will not forgive you for a mistake or a sharp invasion of their territory. We collected information about the most dangerous dog breeds in the list below. All these dogs are banned in many countries for breeding and sale.

#1 Bulli kutta (Pakistani mastiff)

Bulli Kutta is one of the largest and most aggressive dog breeds. These dogs were bred in Pakistan for participating in dog fights. Their reputation is terrible: they are bloodthirsty, do not get along with other animals and can kill them in fights for the territory.

#2 Kangal

Kangal dogs have been known since ancient times. In Babylon, they were used as warriors in battles, and in peacetime, they were used as hunting dogs. Kangals were used for lion hunting. They are excellent shepherds, guard dogs, but Kangals need space and fresh air where they can show their power.

#3 Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff)

This dog must be kept in a well-fenced area because Cane Corso dogs love only their owners! They can easily feel whether you are a friend or an enemy to their owners and can kill you if they feel any danger. They are great defenders and will guard the territory from strangers. Beware of a Cane Corso!

#4 Presa Canario

Presa Canario dogs have earned notoriety. In 2001, two representatives of this breed bit a man to death. They are really fierce fighting dogs. Australia and New Zealand do not allow the import and breeding of Presa Canario dogs.

#5 Bandog

Bandog dogs were bred by crossing a pit bull terrier and various mastiffs. You can ask "Why?"? Well, the main idea was to get a real monster! Bandogs are very fierce and bloodthirsty. Only chains could hold them before the dog fights because their energy burst out. Today Bandog is used as an excellent guard dog, a military serving dog. There have already been known about tragic deaths when a bandog cracked down on several robbers when guarding his territory.

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