Top 5 Most Naughty Dog ​​Breeds

Dogs are nature’s best creations; a dog is someone who loves you more than himself.

#1 Afghan hound

In Europe, this breed appeared in 1880 and immediately attracted people's attention with beauty.

  1. Both my boys, father and son, are the most unbelievable sneak thieves and counter surfers. You can’t ever leave anything that even resembles food or it is gone. But the are the sweetest 2 boys ever.

  2. I learned many lessons from my Afghans – mostly trying to outsmart them – not an easy task.

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#2 Basenji

The main thing you need to know about this dog is that it does not bark, but makes unique sounds unique to this breed. Neat, playful and affectionate, but do not expect obedience.

#3 English Bulldog

British breed that has become a symbol of English character. Energetic, courageous, persistent, affectionate, distinguished by constancy and self-esteem.

#4 Chow Chow

It is very loyal to the owners. The ego is very, very significant, therefore it is difficult to train.

#5 Russian Hound

It is believed that owning such a dog is a sign of impeccable taste because they even devote pictures to it.

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