Top 6 Vengeful And Vindictive Dog Breeds

The dog is the most faithful and loyal animal to humans. This pet will never betray or abandon his owner. But owners should learn very carefully the temperament of a dog breed they want to adopt.  Rudeness, lack of attention or punishment can offend some dogs. I can be a reason of offends and revenge for your dog.

So here is the list of the 6 most vengeful and vindictive dog breeds.

#1 Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier is a fighting dog. They demand regular training and exercise to be a good pet and family member. The breed can be quite affectionate. But they are also very vengeful and vindictive. Bull Terrier doesn`t like rudeness. Rude human behavior can cause aggression. So if you do or say something "wrong" to your dog, your favorite shoes will be destroyed immediately.

#2 Labrador

This breed is one of the most popular in the world and the most popular one in the USA. They are very active, friendly, obedient, and easy to train.

They love people very much. But these dogs don`t like to be responsible for their actions. Rudeness or punishment will cause a true “mental trauma” to Labs! Their kindness will not allow them to growl with anger, but they can pee in the center of the room to demonstrate their protest.

#3 Doberman

A distinctive feature of Dobermans is their stamina. These dogs will protect their owners anytime and anywhere. But they are very sensitive to the owner`s actions. Rudeness, lack of attention, punishment - all this can offend the dog and be a reason for the dog protest. Then the animal begins to take revenge.

#4 German Shepherd

This breed is very intelligent, but also very sensitive. They are very jealous. If you pet another dog or get another pet in the house, it can be a serious shock for them. German Shepherds will express their protest by disobedience.

#5 Husky

Husky is one of the most stubborn dog breeds. It`s not easy to train them. Dog handlers say it takes a lot of time!! The owner must have a dominant position and husky must feel and accept it!  Husky will simply stop listening and execute commands if you show any weakness.

#6 St. Bernard

St. Bernards do not tolerate rudeness. Even when you make a point to your St. Bernard, it can be very offensive for him. So St. Bernards take their revenge demonstrating aggression. The owner's shoes or the sofa can be destroyed.

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