Top 7 Most Dangerous Cat Breeds

Do you think that all cats are sweet and cute? 😊🤗🤔 – Nope!

We advise adopting cats of these 7 breeds only to those who can tame and handle them. Otherwise, the following furry pets can become dangerous to their owners and other family members.

#1 Manul

Being a large and furry, this impressive cat with the tasseled ears looks like a lynx.

Manul is the most dangerous cat breed that people can keep as a pet. To tame a Manul is really hard work, sometimes it`s almost impossible to do it!

This cat will always walk on his own and once he can use his huge sharp claws and teeth against other pets or family members. So think a lot before get a Manul cat.

#2 Savannah

Savannah cat is a small version of the African Serval. This cat is a mischievous creature. The most dangerous Savannah cats are at a young age when their wild blood follows any rules. Becoming older these cats can be more affectionate.

#3 Chausie

For normal life, Chausie needs freedom of movement and a lot of space. If living in an apartment, Chausie will jump a lot and climb higher, which will lead to property damages. In such conditions, the level of violence will be especially high.

That`s why experts do not advise getting a Chausie cat if you live in the apartments or small house.

#4 Stone cougar

Stone Cougar recognizes only one owner. All other family members, including children, will be considered by this cat as strangers. Stone Cougar cats are very aggressive and alert to all who are not their owners.

So we don`t advise to get a cat of this breed if you have children.

#5 Jungle cat

The jungle cat is a breed of wild cats. They are not considered as domesticated animals. However, many people get them and keep as pets. Wrong decision! Jungle cats are extremely aggressive, they can hit or scratch you to any your attempt to pet them.

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