Top 7 Smartest Dog Breeds

Here is a list of the 7 smartest dog breeds. Is your dog one of them? But keep in mind that the smartest dogs often don’t make the best pets. Your job is to find a breed that suits your lifestyle and to focus on bringing out the best in your dog.

#1 Border Collie

Border Collie ancestors worked on the pastures of southern Scotland and the border counties of England. The breed was bred in the late 19th - early 20th century as a new line of Scottish collies. When creating the breed used a wide variety of shepherd dogs. As a result of targeted selection, an excellent hardy working dog was obtained, characterized by the swiftness of movement and sharpness of mind.

#2 Poodle

Earlier, poodles served as rescuers and observers. They swim well and are able to save a drowning person. Of course, there are a lot of poodles - there are big poodles, there are small ones. There are even hunting poodles that hunt birds together in owners. So the poodle in the ten most intelligent breeds of dogs is not an accidental guest.

#3 German Shepherd

These dogs are very capable, they can be used as a guard, and as a domestic dog, and as a police officer. For some reason, recently the popularity of this breed has been declining - and many exotic breeds have come to replace it, which are far from being as smart as a German shepherd.

#4 Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is often used as a guide for the blind, as well as for medicinal purposes. Ideal for families with children, especially if the child has psychological problems. Training Golden Retriever, as a rule, does not cause problems. They love water very much and swim superbly.

#5 Doberman Pinscher

Doberman is a very intelligent dog, peaceful to outsiders and friendly to children. Representatives of this breed must be trained, otherwise, their outstanding mind will go to no less outstanding tricks. Very active dogs that are able to protect their owner.

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