The 4 Types of Geckos That Make Great Pets

There are many great reasons to welcome a cute little Gecko in your household. But the question is among 1500 species which one should you to keep as a pet? In that case, let us tell you that lizards are the most convenient options as they are easy to maintain. Additionally, your new little friend will have a long life span. So you don’t have to worry about your emotional attachment.

The best part is these fascinating reptiles will entertain you by climbing and playing with you. They can even jump on smooth surfaces because of their adhesive toe pads.

Do you know that these lizards have interaction power? Yes, they communicate with their friends by bobbing heads and wagging tails. So whenever you hear chirping sounds, you can understand that they are talking to each other.

Now let’s get to know about their defense system. They usually do that with their stiff tail. These geckos automatically lose their tails after defending something. The most exciting part is the tail grows back automatically, but you cannot compare it with its original one as it will be completely different from that in color. So you can easily understand how crucial their tail is for them. Never hold or touch your new pet’s tail.

These resilient lizards are available in a variety of patterns and colors. Choose the one that calls you the most. Here are the most famous and commonly available geckos. Which one is your favorite among these four pets?

1. The Crested Gecko

This species is known as Rhacodactylus ciliates. There is a story behind this name. If you carefully notice each of these species, you will see hair like skin. After noticing this unique skin projection, people started calling it eyelash Gecko. They are arboreal and night-loving creatures.

We find this remarkable species in New Caledonia’s forest. In the year 1994, they were discovered once again after their extinct. Pet owners love to keep these reptile pets as they can handle them easily. You can simply feed them with different fruits and insects. Maintaining a commercial diet is absolutely necessary for them. Rhapashy powder is suitable for their health. Along with that, keep in mind that they need a tall vivarium and live plants.

2. The Electric Blue Gecko

Its scientific name is Lygodactylus Williamsi. Its electric blue color is loved by every pet owner. But this color is only found in males while female skin color ranges from green to dark brown. This species was first found in the year 1950 in the Forest of Kimboza in Eastern Tanzania. This is the only place where you can find these little lizards.

The number is reducing drastically because of logging. People started exporting these wild lizards. After that, in the year 2012, this export was banned. So now captive breeding is only possible. The price of this pet lizard is quite high. But it will reduce soon as captive breeding has been increasing vehemently.

These Hardy creators are also known as day Gecko. If you’re welcome this creature in your home, you have to prepare a planted tank for your new friend. They love to eat nectar and insects.

If you become friends, they will start communicating with you and take food from your hand. But keep in mind that they are fragile when they are small, so handle them carefully.

3. The Day Gecko


This species is also known as Phelsuma, and it is found in the surrounding Islands of Madagascar. Red and green markings in their body make it a beautiful species. On the other hand, if you choose a neon gecko, you will be impressed with its yellow head and blue line body. If you carefully notice a gold dust species, you will be amazed by its blue shadow on the eyes.

The best part is you can play with this cute and beautiful lizard in the day time as well. You have to arrange a branch from where they can get UV light. Observing calcium helps them to bring out the brightest color. Before welcoming this new pet to your home, you have to do thorough research. If you do it bidding will be easier for you.

Also, keep in mind that they are born Fighters and aggressive. Never keep two meals together; otherwise, one will be dead soon. You can definitely keep one female and one male together. But watch them carefully for some time. At the same time, it’s incredible that these fighters are quite timid and shy. So never make them feel that you are observing them all the time. Don’t try to touch or play with them in the beginning as they have fragile skin when they are small.

If you really want to make them comfortable, you can plant a tall terrarium. Along with that, bamboo tubes help them to sleep or hide from strangers. If you make small holes in these tubes, they will make the head out of it after switching on the light. Keep these things in mind and ready to play with your new lizard friend.

4. The Leopard Gecko

This one is the fourth lizard pet in our list, which is also known as Eublepharist Macularius. This species is mostly found in the Northwest of India. Pakistan’s deserts are also full of these lizards. You can easily take care of these hard species. But there are some common differences from other lizards which you need to keep in mind as an owner. The first significant difference from other geckos is they do not like to climb. On a hot day, you will find them under rocks. They love to hide in the ground holes.

You can choose this species according to their colors, as a variety of amazing colors are available. From lizards to albinos with different patterns in their body, you’ll find everything in a good pet shop. Beautiful orange pigments are common in their bodies.

You can feed them with insects just like other lizards.

So these are the four best pet lizards or geckos that you can keep in your household. But before welcoming them, keep these points in mind so that they can live long happily with you.

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