Why Are Dogs Afraid of Cars And What You Can Do to Help!

Do you have trouble getting your dog in the car? Does he bark, cower, or hide when the car comes around? You’re not alone – it’s not unusual for dogs to be afraid of cars. But Why are dogs afraid of cars?

Scared dogs can cause a lot of stress and hassle, but understanding why they are scared can help us make them more comfortable with car rides.

In this article, we explore why dogs are scared of cars and how to help them overcome their fear.

From understanding the underlying cause to trying out calming techniques, you’ll gain insight into why your pup is afraid of cars and what you can do to make him more relaxed on car trips.

So let’s take a look at why dogs are afraid of cars and how to help them!

Why are dogs afraid of cars?

When it comes to cars, not all dogs are created equal.

While some may be bold and brave enough to inspect their surroundings with curiosity, others feel uncomfortable, scared or even downright terrified of cars!

But why? Here are 7 reasons why your pup might have a fear of cars:

1. Motion Sickness:

Dogs can suffer from motion sickness just like humans do – if they sense the car’s motions and movements, they may become nauseous.

This feeling can lead to an unpleasant experience when in a moving car, which could cause them to associate it with nausea each time they get into one.

2. Unfamiliar Surroundings:

Your pup’s instinct is to protect itself by avoiding new and unfamiliar places. As a result, the sudden movement of a car can be intimidating and overwhelming for some dogs.

3. Poor Experiences:

If your pup has had a negative experience while in a car, they may associate it with fear and anxiety each time they’re around them.

This could be anything from being stuck in traffic or getting hit by a car to even getting carsick on the way to the vet!

4. Loud Noises:

Dogs are sensitive to loud noises, especially engines and exhausts that often accompany cars.

The vibrations associated with these noises can create a fearful reaction in some pooches, making them scared of cars as well as their noise-makers.

5. Overwhelming Sights:

A car is a big, foreign object for your pup – it may be too much to take in!

Sight-sensitive dogs can feel overwhelmed and scared looking at cars, as they don’t understand how to interact with something so large and fast.

6. Closeness to the Ground:

Dogs are used to being close to the ground, which is why they can become so easily startled by cars.

The vehicle may appear much larger than it really is due to their viewpoint, making the whole experience overwhelming.

7. Lack of Socialization:

If your pup has not been properly socialized around cars or had no prior positive experiences with them, they might associate it with fear and terror each time they encounter one.

It’s important to be patient with your pup if they’re scared of cars – their fear is real and should not be ignored.

How to get your dog to stop being afraid of cars?

Dogs can be trained to become less afraid of cars with some patience and proper guidance. Here are 7 tips for helping your pup stop being scared around cars:

1. Desensitization:

Start by getting your dog used to the presence of a car when it’s off, by having them explore it while you give them treats or praise.

Gradually move closer until they’re comfortable enough to get in the car without fear.

2. Treats:

Use treats as rewards for good behavior – this will help create positive associations between your pup and being in the car.

Give them a treat every time they stay calm while in the car or take steps toward overcoming their fear.

3. Positive Reinforcement:

Praise your pup when they show signs of progress, such as being comfortable with the car’s presence or getting into the car without being scared.

This will help them associate good behavior with positive reactions from you.

4. Crate Training:

If your pup does not feel comfortable in the car yet, try crate training to introduce them to it gradually.

Put their favorite toys or treats in the crate and start by having them explore it while it is stationary – eventually, they may become comfortable enough to get in while the car is moving.

5. Slow Acclimation:

Don’t rush your pup into getting used to cars – take things slow and only move on to harder tasks once they are completely comfortable with the current one.

Driving around a parking lot can be a great way to start with something less intimidating than being on the road right away.

6. Look for Real Triggers:

If your pup is scared of cars, try to identify what triggers their fear and work towards overcoming it by slowly introducing them to these situations.

Keeping car rides short may also help reduce anxiety as they don’t have as much time to build up fear.

7. Professional Help:

If you feel like you need extra help in getting your pup used to cars, consider looking for professional assistance from an animal behaviorist or certified dog trainer who can provide tailored guidance and advice specific to your situation.


Cars can be an intimidating experience for your pup, but with the right approach and guidance, you can help them become more comfortable around cars in no time.

Remember, your pup may never be a fan of car rides – but you can still help them feel less scared and create positive associations with the experience.

Stay patient as it may take some time before they become completely used to cars – but with a little bit of work and love, your pup will soon stop being scared of cars!

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