Why Are Miniature Poodles So Expensive?

Miniature poodles are designer dogs that are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They have won the hearts of millions. Even if you have never owned a poodle, you can easily recognize one after having seen poodles on television or while jogging at a nearby park. 

The fact is that these dogs are famous and can perform a variety of fun tricks. However, unlike a standard poodle that costs around $700 to $1,500, a miniature poodle will set you back by $1,000 to $2,000. Besides the initial purchase cost, you will also need to consider food and grooming.

Before you make any decision, it is important that you understand why miniature poodles cost more. This is where this post comes in handy. It takes a close look at the top reasons why this dog type does not come cheap. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.


1. Top Genes

One of the main reasons why miniature poodles are more expensive than most dog breeds is because they come from a good gene pool. These show dogs are purebred and not mutts. Having the best genes means that the dog has better form, athleticism, and health. Most claim that mixed breed dogs are more healthy than purebreds. 

Breeders need to be registered and follow guidelines which results in the miniature poodle costing more money. Its good gene pool allows it to fetch a higher price in the market. 

Top-quality breeding is necessary to create these elite pets. Besides, the sales price allows breeders to regain the cost incurred in breeding, food, healthcare, and training. It explains why some miniature poodles cost up to $5,000. 

2. Low Birth Rate

Another reason behind the hefty price tag of a miniature poodle is the low birth rate. Fewer births are responsible for driving up the price of the dog breed. 

Most miniature poodles only give birth to five pups a year, unlike a standard poodle that can have around seven pups in the same period. Thus, fewer puppies lead to premium prices. 

3. Healthy Dogs

Healthy dogs are known for being pricey, and a miniature poodle is no exception to the rule. As you are likely to buy a purebred from a registered breeder, you will have to pay more for the assurance that the dog is in perfect health and has been taken care of. However, you can expect to buy a miniature poodle for less by considering Poodle rescue as an option. 

4. High-Maintenance

In addition to the above, looking after a miniature poodle is expensive. It is a dog breed that requires high maintenance. Grooming is essential for maintaining the recognizable look of the poodle. 

A registered breeder will charge you a higher price because miniature poodles require better dog food, exercise, a mentally healthy environment, and veterinary care. 

These adorable dogs ooze money and class in comparison to more rough-and-tough dog breeds. Moreover, regular grooming maintenance is necessary for poodles to look their best. When you purchase a poodle, you will need to take it for professional grooming every 4 to 6 weeks. 

5. Possess an Amazing Personality

Dog lovers are willing to pay more for a miniature poodle as it has an amazing personality. No dog breed has a better personality. Some dogs tend to be stubborn and are not great with kids. However, you will not find these major drawbacks in a poodle. 

A miniature poodle boasts a stellar personality. It loves playing around having fun. In fact, it can be rather goofy at times with only increases its charm. Besides, it does not mind being around smaller children and is always a joy to be around. 

Besides being a great playmate, it is loving and affectionate. Although the miniature poodle may act shy around strangers, it will form a strong bond with loved ones. Moreover, the breed is not aggressive, which makes it the perfect housedog. 

6. Easy to Train

A major reason why one has to pay a higher price to own a miniature poodle is that it is easy to train. When it comes to selecting a dog, training is a major concern for potential dog owners. The truth is that some breeds can be difficult to train as they simply refuse to listen to your command. 

Training is where the miniature poodle truly shines. It has a high level of intelligence which makes it easy to train. Not only can it be easily trained, but it also makes for a great listener. All you need to do is ensure consistent and dominant training to train your poodle in no time. 

7. Ideal Option for First-Time Dog Owners

As the miniature poodle is obedient and a swift learner, it is considered to be the best option for first-time dog owners. Raising one should be a breeze as you would not need to worry about any special needs or gimmicks. 

Start training your pup early, and you will be amazed at just how well-behaved it would be. Besides, it is a dog that loves to show off some tricks regularly to get your love and attention.

8. Versatile 

Miniature poodles are very versatile. Unlike dogs that prefer lazing around or ones that require plenty of exercise to remain happy, it can do both. Thus, it is a very versatile breed that will easily adapt to your lifestyle. What you will love about the pup is that it enjoys playing with kids, snuggling, and going for a walk. 

Three activities that you cannot compromise on when raising this pup are tracking, walking, and agility training. Each of these will help improve its skills. It also loves getting in the water. Therefore, you can take it with you to the lake or beach. 

Now You Know Why Miniature Poodles Are So Expensive 

Despite its high price, a miniature poodle is worth getting. Besides, its curly coat is something that you will come to love. You can style it any way you want, and rest assured, knowing that it is hypoallergenic. Hence, there will be no loose hairs lying around. 

Anyone who suffers from allergies will find the miniature poodle to be the ultimate option. With so much to love, it is time that you got a miniature poodle for your home.

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