Why Do Dogs Bury Bones? The Mystery Behind The Secret Stash!

Burying behavior in dogs is generally instinctual and is often seen when a dog acquires an item of value to them. This could include bones, treats, toys, or even their own feces!

While this behavior may seem strange to us humans, it serves an important purpose for our furry friends.

So why do dogs bury bones? Let’s dig into the matter! (Pun intended)

It’s believed that burying items provides dogs with emotional stability and security. It gives them something familiar they can come back to when they otherwise feel scared.

Having something of their own nearby makes them feel safe and secure. It also helps alleviate stress by providing comfort during unexpected changes in their environment.

What Does it Mean When a Dog Buries a Bone?

Scientists have long studied this behavior in dogs and other animals and believe that it comes from an ancient instinct.

Burying bones is thought to be an important part of food storage. It can help keep certain smaller animals safe from larger predators. Or even just give them easy access to a meal when they’re feeling hungry.

By stashing away their food, animals are better able to plan for the future and survive through times of scarcity.

So while some may think it’s just a game, there’s actually great significance behind why our four-legged friends bury bones!

Digging obviously makes their paws dirty but there are a lot of ways to clean dog paws that dog parents can adopt.

Why do Dogs Bury Bones?

Dogs have been burying bones for centuries, and this behavior has baffled and intrigued us. But why do dogs bury bones?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not solely for a buried treasure-like experience. Instead, there are many complex reasons why dogs might bury their food or other items.

Here are five of the most common explanations as to why dogs bury bones:

1. For Preservation:

Dogs instinctively recognize the need to preserve their food in times of scarcity.

Burying a bone helps keep it fresh and safe from other animals or people who may try to steal it away.

2. To Mark Territory:

When dogs bury bones, they are actually marking territory by emitting pheromones that signal ownership of the area where the bone was buried.

This is why dogs will often dig up and rebury a bone in another location.

3. For Psychological Comfort:

Boredom, loneliness, stress, or anxiety can all cause a dog to bury bones as a way to cope with its feelings.

Burying items such as bones act as an outlet for these emotions, allowing them to feel a sense of accomplishment and comfort.

4. To Prepare For Future Meals:

Dogs have a remarkable capacity to remember where they’ve buried their bones.

So when they come back to the same spot in search of food, it takes much less effort than hunting for prey or scavenging for items.

5. To Hide Valuables:

Just like humans, dogs may also bury items that are valuable to them as a way of keeping them safe from other animals and people.

Bones are often seen as the perfect hiding place due to their size and durability.

All these explanations help us understand why dogs bury bones. It’s always an interesting sight to behold!

Do Dogs Remember Where They Bury Their Bones?

The age-old question of whether or not dogs remember where they bury their bones has been the subject of much debate in pet circles.

As it turns out, the answer is a resounding yes! Dogs have remarkable memories and can recall buried objects with ease.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Leipzig in Germany looked into how well dogs remember where they buried items such as their favorite chew toys.

The results showed that on average, dogs took less than 19 seconds to locate the buried object after digging for it!

This demonstrates that dogs are able to recall not only the location of their bone but also the exact spot it was placed within that area. Showing an impressive level of spatial memory recall.

In addition, dogs also have the ability to remember which items they buried and when they did so.

This means that if a dog has multiple bones or chew toys stored in different locations, it may be able to remember each item’s location as well as how recently it was buried.

Thus dogs are both smart and resourceful creatures with an impressive memory for where their favorite things are hidden! Who knows – maybe your furry friend can even show off their skills by taking you on a treasure hunt!

What Dog Breeds Bury Their Bones?

It is not uncommon for many dog breeds to hide their prized possessions, such as bones or toys.

This behavior has been observed in some of the most popular breeds such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds.

Even small-breed dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers have been known to bury their favorite items.

This natural instinct may be rooted in the canine’s past. Wild dogs often buried large amounts of food to save it for later eating, while also hiding it from potential predators.

In addition, burying an item also serves as a way of keeping it safe and away from other animals who might take it away.

For pet owners, this behavior is usually no cause for concern and can often be amusing to witness.


Overall, dogs naturally have the instinct to bury items such as bones or toys. This behavior dates back to wild canine ancestors.

As long as owners take the proper precautions with appropriately sized bones, this habit can be endearing and entertaining at times!

There are a lot of ways to stop your dog from digging, but digging and burying bones does not harm dogs much.

Dogs can remember where they buried their items. This makes them a perfect partner if you ever need help digging up a forgotten trinket.

So the next time your pup is burying something in your backyard, don’t be too quick to scold them. It’s just their way of showing love…and comfort.

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