Why Does My Dog Lay on Top of Me: Reasons & Solutions

Why does my dog lay on top of me

Dogs are often seen as loyal companions who will do anything for their owners. This includes spending lazy days lounging around together.

In fact, many dogs enjoy nothing more than cuddling up, with their humans and taking a nap. As a dog owner, you might ask yourself, “Why Does My Dog Lay on Top of Me”?

Petpress has come up with a few reasons why this behavior is expected among our furry friends.

Why does my dog lay completely on top of me?

Why does my dog lay on top of me

1. Comfort

Dogs are highly social animals, and they crave physical contact with their pack members. When your dog climbs on top of you, it’s likely that they’re seeking out some physical comfort and reassurance.

This behavior is especially common in rescue dogs or those who have recently been rehomed, as they may be feeling insecure in their new environment.

Sometimes your dog may lay on your feet just because it is warm and comforting.

2. Warmth

Another reason why your dog may be climbing on top of you is to seek out some body heat.

Dogs are prone to getting cold more easily than humans, so if your furry friend seems chilly, they may try to snuggle up to you to stay warm.

3. Security

Some dogs feel more secure when they’re close to their owner, and may climb on top of them as a way of seeking out reassurance.

This behavior is most common in dogs who are anxious or have separation anxiety.

4. Attention

Dogs are very intuitive, and they quickly learn that climbing on top of their owner is a surefire way to get some human interaction.

If your dog is constantly trying to climb on you, it’s likely that they simply crave attention and love.

5. Dominance

In some cases, a dog may try to assert their dominance by climbing on top of their owner. This behavior is most common in dogs who are not well-trained or socialized, and it can be a sign of aggression.

If your dog is displaying this behavior, it’s important to seek out professional help from a qualified trainer or behaviorist.

Should you let your dog lay on top of you?

Why does my dog lay on top of me

There is no one answer to this question – it depends on your personal preferences and your dog’s personality.

Some people enjoy snuggling with their dogs and find it to be a relaxing experience, while others prefer not to have their dogs on top of them.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you want your dog to lay on top of you, it’s best to start by having your dog lay next to you on the couch or bed.

This will give you a chance to see how you feel about it before letting your dog get too close.

If you decide that you’re okay with your dog being on top of you, then go ahead and let him or her do so.

Just be sure to provide a comfy spot for your dog to lay on, such as a pillow or blanket. You can try to keep your dog off your couch or bed so that they do not make a mess on it.

And if you ever start to feel uncomfortable, just let your dog know and he or she will likely get off of you.

How to stop your dog from laying on you

Why does my dog lay on top of me

While your dog laying on you might be cute at first, it can quickly become annoying (and even painful) if your dog is constantly trying to climb on you.

In the long term, it might make your dog a bit clingy.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get your dog to lay down beside you instead of on top of you.

One way to stop your dog from climbing on you is to teach them the “off” command. This is a simple command that tells your dog to get off of whatever they’re currently standing on – including you!

To teach your dog the “off” command, start by asking them to sit or lie down. Once they’re in position, say “off” and gently push them off of you with your hand. Reward your dog with a treat or verbal praise when they obey the command.

If your dog is particularly persistent in trying to lay on top of you, you may need to keep them away from you for short periods of time.

This could mean putting them in another room for a few minutes at a time.

Why does my dog lay on top of me

The goal is to make it so that your dog can’t get to you when they’re feeling the urge to climb on top of you – this will eventually help them learn that they shouldn’t be trying to lay on you in the first place.

Some dogs lay on their owners because they’re feeling anxious or stressed. If this is the case with your dog, you’ll need to work on helping them feel more relaxed in general.

This could involve providing them with more exercise, attention, and positive reinforcement when they behave in the way you want them to.

It may take some time and patience, but eventually, your dog should be able to relax around you without needing to lay on top of you.


Dogs have the habit of sleeping in packs since they are pups. This habit makes them want to be close to you in any way possible. If you are a person who loves to cuddle, then this can be a been for you.

Although if you feel your dog is doing this out of anxiety or stress then you can get them checked by the vet.

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