World’s Largest Pet Walk 2021: Annual Celebration for the Love of Pets

Pet Partners will host the fourth annual World’s Largest Pet Walk, where thousands of pet lovers will come together and celebrate their love for pets.

The annual World’s Largest Pet Walk will be held on September 25, 2021, and even you can join the cause!

World's Largest Pet Walk 2021 - Annual Celebration for the Love of Pets

To raise more than $100,000, Pet Partners, the country’s largest organization registering therapy dogs for animal-assisted therapies, invites thousands of individuals to put on their walking shoes and grab their leashes for the occasion.

This event is for everyone who wants to enjoy the health benefits of walking dogs while also helping to support Pet Partners’ Therapy Animal Program.

Whether you walk with your family or friends around the block, organize a company walk at work or in the neighborhood, or go on a quiet trek with just you and your pet, we want to see you walking alongside your pets


This year, Pet Partners has chosen a therapy animal team as their World’s Largest Pet Walk National Walk Champions.

Through their fundraising efforts, Roslyn Lindeman and her therapy dog Abbey have surpassed $10,000 in donations and are looking forward to walking with their family in Florida.

Participants are encouraged to walk at any time and location on Saturday, September 25.

people from around the world can join the cause

Blue Shield of California, who will be supporting the event for a second consecutive year, and Dog Is Good for Good, forming a walk team for the first time this year!

The World’s Largest Pet Walk was organized to encourage worldwide participation with pets of all kinds, all on the same day. The Walk With Me program, an initiative of Pet Partners, aims to promote neighborhood group walks for arthritis pain management.

The World’s Largest Pet Walk does not charge a registration fee, but supporters are encouraged to fundraise to support their participation.

Those who want to learn more may check Pet Partners step-by-step process to register, create an online fundraising page, and learn more.

any pets to walk around

Participating in the World’s Largest Pet Walk is a beautiful way to give back to your community while getting some exercise and realizing the benefits of walking your pet. Participants are encouraged to share photos of their walk on social media using the hashtag #WorldsLargestPetWalk, introduced by Pet Partners.

As a thank you for fundraising, Pet Partners will be awarding a prize to the top fundraiser for their efforts.

Here are some highlights from last year’s World Largest Pet Walk day. Notice that you can even walk dogs and any pets such as horses, rabbits, and cats!

The World’s Largest Pet Walk helps fund the Pet Partners’ Therapy Animal Program, which includes visiting therapy animal teams that provide comfort and delight to public patrons. This provides facility settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries, airports and includes workplace well-being events.

Every year, Pet Partners teams make more than 3 million visits and impact people’s lives and health worldwide.

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