How To Care Of Your Dog’s Basic Needs During The Pandemic

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, many pet owners have been worried about the health of their animals. As much as you need to protect yourself from this virus, you also need to ensure that your dog is well cared for. It would be best if you start by ensuring that all of your dog’s basic needs are met, and they’re not exposed to the virus. 

Even though there have been very few cases of COVID-19 affecting dogs, it’s still very important to ensure that your dog is safe the whole time. The following are some of the ways you can care for your dog’s basic needs during this global pandemic:

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Ensure That You Have an Adequate Stock of Dog Food

Your dog needs to eat, so it’s important that you keep feeding it as normal even during the global pandemic. Although hoarding is not recommended for any kind of supplies, ensure that your dog has adequate food and all the supplies it might need for a minimum of two weeks. It’s even more important to have an extra can or a bag of dog food for emergency purposes. 

For example, if you find the local food store closed or the weather outside is harsh, you can use this extra batch. You’re even better off finding a reliable dog food delivery service to ensure that your dog never misses a meal for whatever reason or circumstance. The best thing about these services is that the foods are pre-approved by veterinarians, and you also get to choose the food that suits your dog the most. 

Assign an Emergency Caregiver for the Dog

During this uncertain period, it’s important to be prepared for everything, even the worst. As a dog owner, you need to be prepared for any emergency that might come along the way. 

For example, if you become ill, get quarantined somewhere, or have to take care of a sick family member, ensure that there is an emergency caregiver ready to take care of your dog in your absence. 

It’s important to note that this isn’t something that you should only be doing during the pandemic, but it’s something that should always be there. This is because COVID-19 isn’t the only emergency you’ll end up dealing with in the future; there will be others. When designating a caregiver for your dog, you should ensure that it is someone familiar with it. Also, it should be somebody your dog is comfortable around. This person can be a relative or a friend. The caregiver should have all the information to ensure that they administer the proper care for your dog.

Ensure That Your Dog Is Groomed at all Times

During this pandemic, your dog needs regular grooming sessions now more than ever. This ensures that you get rid of any germs that your dog could have picked up throughout the day. 

Regardless of whether you’re in quarantine or far away from home, your dog shouldn’t miss its grooming session. If you’re not in a place to do it, you can have your caregiver do it for you. 

Since it’s not wise to have your pet groomer visiting your home regularly in this period, you’ll need to come up with other viable alternatives. For example, you can contact your pet groomer and have them advise you on the best ways you can groom your dog. 
This is especially useful advice if you do not know how to groom the dog yourself or you’re not sure about which soaps and detergents to use. Remember, not all shampoos and detergents are suitable for your dog. Some can be too harsh and end up causing your dog skin irritation, which is not the scenario both of you want.

Know When It’s Appropriate to Visit the Vet 

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You’ll need to take your dog to the vet at one point or another. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the cessation of human movement has come into effect in many regions. The government has been advising the citizens not to leave their homes unless they need to. 

For this reason, you should ensure that you only take your dog to the vet when it’s absolutely necessary. For example, you can take your dog to the vet if it needs urgent veterinary care about an emergency. 

However, it’s even better that you contact your dog’s veterinarian before you decide to visit the clinic in person. This is because not all dog conditions are a cause of alarm. Sometimes when you call the vet about your dog, they can prescribe some readily available medications and save you and your dog the journey to the clinic. Remember, you should limit human interaction as much as possible so that you and your dog don’t end up contracting the virus.

Even during the ongoing pandemic, your dog still deserves to get affection, attention, and maximum care from you. You should always try to be there for your dog and keep it safe from anything harmful.

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It’s also just as important to take care of yourself too. Dogs have proven to be great companions during this time. We have found these 15 low covid risk activities to do with your dog during the pandemic are a great option.

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