10 Dog Breeds From Germany

The most famous breed developed in Germany is, of course, the German Shepherd, a medium-sized dog that slightly resembles a wolf. Let’s see:

#1 Small Munsterlander

Small Munsterlander is similar to its larger cousin, able to hunt on land and in water, was used for royal hunting. This is a pretty beautiful hunting dog of white-brown color.

#2 Schnauzer

The breed originated in the XV-XVI centuries in Bavaria, was used as guard dogs and rat-catchers. "Schnauzer" is translated as "a mustachioed dog" - a funny beard, furry mustache and eyebrows are very suitable for her.

#3 Rottweiler

Originally used for cattle herding, property protection, carts of meat were pulled to local markets. Later, the Rottweiler began to be used in the police, army and rescue service. This service dog was bred in Rottweil in the middle of the 18th century.

#4 Pomeranian

A very popular Spitz, originally from Pomerania, part of modern Germany. He became known as a companion dog of royalty, has a toy appearance and easy stubbornness.

#5 Dwarf Pinscher

The breed is more than 200 years old, previously it was used as a catcher in cattle. This is an energetic pincher of a strong physique, short-haired, black-tan or red color; a small-sized leader is a brave heart.

#6 Leonberger

A giant working-dog appeared in the 30s of the XIX century, named after the city of Leonberg and was used in agriculture, for protection and for the execution of orders.

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