10 Dog Breeds From Germany

#7 Hovawart

The breed was formed in the distant XIII century and now serves with rescuers when searching and saving people. Hovawart is a savvy, smart and funny dog.

#8 Eurasier

Companion dog created in the 60s of the XIX century, has the exterior of small Spitz, character traits of the Chow Chow, with great growth and unique character. A good face, a smart look, a soft character fell in love with many European breeders.

#9 German Shepherd

The most common German dog breed that arose at the end of the 18th century and the breed standard was approved in 1899.


#10 Boxer

The breed was bred at the end of the XIX century as a hunting dog for a large beast - wild boar, bear, deer. Over time, the boxer has become an excellent watchman and companion dog.

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