11 Reasons Why Cats Are Good for Human`s Health

Scientists have proved that just looking at cat pictures on the Internet can charge a person with energy and positive emotions😍🤗🐱.

In this article, we would like to sum up the results of several types of research proving that Cats can be really good for human health💪.

#1 Cats can improve your mental health.

Australian scientists proved that cat owners have more stable mental health, they feel happier, more self-confident and less nervous than people who don`t own a cat.

#2 Cats can reduce stress and anxiety.

Scientists say that it is enough to pet a cat for 10 minutes to feel much better. Petting a cat has a positive effect on people and has a sedative effect.

#3 Cats can heal joints, muscles, and bones.

Purring is pleasing to the human ear and means that cats are happy. But their purr has a number of medicinal properties.

The frequency of cats sounds ranges from 20 to 140 Hz. Scientists proved that vibration within 18-35 Hz has a positive effect on joint healing after injury, 25-50 Hz and above 100 Hz are useful for bone strengthening.

Cat purring also removes the symptoms of breath shortness and even can cause low blood pressure.

#4 Cats can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Scientists proved that people who kept cats at home for 10 years had a 30–40% less chance of developing heart attacks and strokes compared to people who did not have pets.

#5 Cats improve the quality of your sleep.

If the cat is in your bedroom when you go to sleep, it can help you to relax and feel safer.

#6 Cats protect their humans from allergies.

In 2002 the National Institute of Health published the results of the study proving that babies, living in the same house with a cat, were less prone to allergies.

Marshall Plot, MD claims that living with a cat can also protect babies from allergies to ragweed, dust, and grass.

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