11 Reasons Why Cats Are Good for Human`s Health

#7 People living with cats don`t feel the pressing need for communication and friendship.

In 2003 Australian scientists published the study proving that cats and their owners, living together for a long time, can feel a mutual affection.

#8 Cats can help to handle pain and depression.

The loss of loved ones is a really hard life stage. One way to handle your pain is to get a cat.

#9 Cats can help their owners to find their soul mates.

One of the surveys in the UK found that 82% of women are more sympathetic to men who love animals. Moreover, 90% of the respondents said that men who have a cat seem more attractive.

#10 Cats make their owners smarter.

The study conducted at the University of Bristol in 2010 showed that there are more cat owners have a degree than dog owners have. Moreover, the survey conducted in 2014 in Wisconsin proved that the owners of cats are also smarter.

#11 And as a bonus, cats look so adorable, cute and funny, that you always smile looking at them.

So get a cat and enjoy your life!😀😉

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