14 Сharacter Traits Of The Tibetan Terrier

Researchers believe that the breed of Tibetan Terriers was originally bred for shepherd or farm work. These dogs turned out to be real universals and coped with a variety of work. Naturally, this fact, as well as life next to humans, could not but affect the nature of the animals.

#1 Description of the character of this breed begins with the words friendly. Yes, these dogs are just that.

#4 These dogs are well trained, friendly, contact and perfectly adapt to all the habits of their master.

#5 However, Tibetan Terriers do not always behave well. At a certain age, usually after a year, they may begin a period of disobedience.

#6 Despite the fact that Tibetan Terriers are very friendly and smart, they can be quite sensitive. Therefore, trusting, friendly relations with the Tibetan Terrier are established over time.

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