14 Astonishing Facts About Scottish Terriers

#1 This breed is feisty, independent and sometimes excitable😍

  1. Like when you’re super hungry, make a sudden u-turn into a Taco Bell for a hefty burrito, and dream of a giant margherita to go along with it.

  2. We have two Scotties, Holly is 9 yrs and Buddy is 7yrs so sweet and love to go in the car with us, and we hardly ever leave them home! They are the answer for our retirement years! A very special breed !Buddy is a warchdog over Holly, so funny!

#6 Scotties have a good life expectancy of about 12 to 15 years👍👍

  1. Health Msg: Be vigilent in having vet annually check health of their KIDNEYS, even if they don’t exhibit any physical or behavior signs of illness!

    • Absolute agree! Scotties are prone to certain types of bladder cancer. That’s how our little girl “walked over the rainbow bridge”. A year later we’re still heartbroken. She’d always been healthy. Cancer surgery caused her life to end at only 8 years

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