14 Basic Rules Of Pekingese Nutrition

For the development of a four-legged friend, a balanced diet is needed. If a person has become a happy owner of a small puppy, the question arises of how to properly feed the Pekingese, so that the child grows healthy. These animals are inactive, prone to overeating. You should carefully monitor the servings that the pet consumes.πŸΆπŸ˜€

#1 The feeding regimen should not be violated. Food should be given at strictly defined hours.

#2 The temperature of the food is also important. It should not be too cold or hot.

#3 Salt is not welcomed. It must be discarded completely, or added in minimal quantities.

#4 The main food products are meat and offal, the remaining products occupy only half or a third of the total consumed volume.

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