14 Big Facts About Saint Bernards

#7 Thanks to their excellent sense of smell they can detect a body buried under 20 feet of snow

#8 Barry the Saint Bernard was an amazing rescue dog that saved somewhere between 45 and 100 people

#9 Earlier the dog was known as Talhund (“valley dog”) or Bauernhund (“farm dog”)

#10 The monks attempted to cross the breed with the long-haired Newfoundland

They wanted to give their rescue pooches a thicker winter coat. The plan backfired, as the longer fur captured matted snow and ice and weighed the poor dogs down.

#11 Saint Bernards have a lot of fur, but you don’t have to worry about frequent trips to the groomer

#12 They have an oily, water-resistant coat, which originally warded off snow and ice

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