14 Elegant Facts About Vizslas

#7 They’re Born With Blue Eyes

#8 They Lack an Insulating Undercoat

Vizslas lack an insulating undercoat. This means they are more prone to catching a chill, especially in the water.

#9 AKC’s First Quintuple Champion Was a Vizsla

A Vizsla named Chartay was the first pup to successfully be named AKC Quintuple Champion. She won a total of five different championships during her career.

#10 They’re Exceptionally Clean

Despite being bred for hunting, Vizslas prefer to stay clean.

#11 They Have Webbed Feet for Swimming

Vizsla is veritably designed for fast swimming. Webbed feet allow him to channel through the water lightning-fast.

#12 The Vizsla is the Best Companion

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