14 Evidence That the Dachshund Is an Incredible Underground Hunter

This elongated dog with a narrow muzzle and short limbs is the best hunter and has a strong, strong-willed character. The Dachshund always keeps its nose in the wind, and its beautiful posture, high head, and free movements fascinate and delight.

#1 Dachshunds have long been used for hunting game, hare, rabbit, fox, and badger and have established themselves as talented hunters.

#2 They were bred as hunting dogs, and this largely determines the features of their behavior.

#3 The first images of ancestors of this breed discovered by historians date back to the 16th century.

#4 The official name of the breed came from Germany, clearly defining the purpose of this dog – Daxhund, where “Dax” is a badger, “Hund” is a dog.

#5 The Dachshund is a burrow hunter, ideally suited for the pursuit of such prey as badgers, foxes and other objects of hunting, preferring to hide from the chase in narrow, long and gloomy underground labyrinths.

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