14 Incredible Facts About Brussels Griffons That You Didn’t Know

#7 Puppies

For one litter, the female leads not many puppies, it often happens that only one Griffon is born. Puppies are very weak, there is always a huge risk of death of a newborn. Among dogs of this breed, diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, hip dysplasia, and kneecap dislocation are often observed.

#8 Food.

Brussels Griffins are prone to overeating. Due attention should be paid to the diet of the pet. During feeding, it is necessary to give just as much food as the pet should eat at one time. Never leave leftover food!

#9 Barking

Brussels Griffins bark loudly at any rustle. This feature of their behavior makes these dogs excellent guardians. But it can also be a serious problem if you live in an apartment because frequent barking is unlikely to please neighbors.

#10 Tenderness.

Griffons are very sensual and gentle dogs. You can never yell at them, otherwise the animal will have a feeling of fear, which, in turn, will lead to aggression and a tendency to bite.

#11 Heat.

Griffons do not tolerate heat due to the formation of the skull and respiratory tract. Also, short hair does not save the animal from the cold in winter.

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