14 Incredible Facts About Brussels Griffons That You Didn’t Know

Brussels Griffons are often called simply “Griffons”. The hunting skills of these dogs have found application in the fight against rats. Particularly often they were bred by horse breeders because it was in the stables that rats and mice were often planted. As a result, these pets began to gain popularity and turned into excellent pets, which are characterized by cheerfulness, affection, and curiosity. Griffons have long become loyal companions and friends of man.

#1 Origin history

The history of the Brussels Griffon begins in Belgium 200 years ago. It originates from the time when small terriers were raised that helped fight rodents in local stables. The Brussels Griffon, in the form in which we know it today, was bred as a result of crossing several breeds of dogs, including affenpinscher, pug, and Russian toy spaniel. Griffon retained a special coat structure from the affenpinscher, but from the toy spaniel, the pet inherited the shape of the head and expressive eyes. It must be said that smooth-haired terriers often resemble ordinary curs.

#2 The nature of the Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon belongs to the decorative breeds of dogs. As already mentioned, the breed was bred for hunting rodents. These pets look like tender pocket animals with a very expressive appearance and no less expressive eyes.

#3 Tree climbing

The peculiarity of these dogs is the ability to climb trees (in this they can compete even with cats).

#4 Maintenance and care

Brussels Griffons with stiff and smooth hair have different care needs. Smooth-haired Griffons require an infrequent haircut. In addition, it is necessary to comb out the hair every week and periodically bathe the dog, otherwise, the likelihood of a specific smell is likely. Wire-haired Griffons also need to be combed out every week to remove dead hair.

#5 Training and education.

Learning can be a daunting task when it comes to Griffon. They are stubborn and used to do what they want. Even the process of training for a leash can turn into a real test. As a rule, learning problems occur at the initial stage. As soon as contact with the dog is established (for this you can use goodies), the dog goes towards and shows obedience.

#6 Health and Disease

The Brussels Griffon has a relatively long life span. As a rule, they live from ten to fifteen years. Despite this, griffons have many health problems, the main of which are associated with diseases of the reproductive organs. Females often cannot get pregnant, and complications during childbirth are also common. Often you have to resort to cesarean section.

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