15 Nutrition Tips For The Brussels Griffon

How to feed a Griffon so that he is always healthy and cheerful? – Carefully thought out a natural menu or special food of good quality. But how to choose the right products for the dog or the ready-made food ideal for your pet? Let’s figure it out together.

#1 For Griffons, the balance of proteins and carbohydrates, calcium and phosphorus, as well as the dietary regimen and fraction are very important.

#2 And calorie content and portion size directly depend on the age, condition and activity of the dog.

#3 A healthy and nimble dog should get more nutritious food than his calm brother, and an aging dog, like a puppy, should be fed more often and little by little.

#4 READY FOOD – EVERYTHING INCLUDED! The main advantages of the finished feed are its balanced composition and ease of use.

#6 An adult pet needs only 20-26% protein in the total mass of granules, and a puppy 25-30%.

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