14 Interesting Facts About Pit Bulls

Without a doubt the Pit Bull is the most misunderstood dog breed. Let`s read more and get acquainted with them😃!

#1 Pit bulls pre-date the United States – they were bred in England and were brought to America by the settlers.🙃🐾💕👍

#2 In the old days, Pit Bulls found many uses on farms, from hunting, to protection, to helping with livestock.🤗

#3 Pit Bulls were popular mascots in early 20th Century America, appearing often on Army recruitment posters and other advertisements.🤔😇

#4 Pit Bulls were considered to be so trustworthy with children that they were known as nursemaids or nanny dogs.👌🙌

#5 Pit Bulls were on the cover of Life Magazine three times – more than any other dog.😄👍💕

#6 Due to their athletic builds, Pit Bulls are some of the best fence-climbers in the dog world. 🤗🙃🐾

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