14 Interesting Facts About The Bengal Cat

#7 Think your Bengal can’t possibly get onto that 10-foot-high ledge where you’re displaying your prized orchids? Think again.🙃🤗

#8 Bengal Cats can jump up to three times their height, and can easily find a way onto just about any shelf or ledge in your house.😏👌

#9 In addition to their “flying” abilities, they’re also excellent climbers, and can hide in places where you’ll never imagined they would venture.😄😊

#10 Because Bengal Cats are so intelligent and hungry for attention, they’re among the easiest cats to train.🧐

#11 And one of the easiest tricks to teach a Bengal is how to turn on and off light switches. 😋😄

#12 One of the Bengal’s most attractive qualities is its incredibly soft, beautifully speckled or marbled coat. 🐾😍

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