14 Points From The History Of The Origin Of The Miniature Pinscher

#7 It is well known that the ancestors of the modern Miniature Pinscher were able to perfectly catch domestic rodents (rats and mice).

#8 The dog was also recognized as the best charioteer companion. At the same time, the animal not only accompanied the wagon but served as a horse guard.

#9 Miniature Pinschers traveled great distances all day, running along with horses, to guard the coachmen’s property and the stagecoach at stops, as well as rid horses of the annoying rats that the stables were crawling with at that time.

#10 This breed of dog was introduced in 1863 at the first dog show held in the Bologna Forest.

#11 Today, the Miniature Pinschers are actively bred in all European countries, as well as on the North American continent.

#12 International exhibitions are regularly held, where you can see various types of domestic breeds, which makes the breeding of dogs of this breed even more fun.

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