14 Things All Tibetan Terrier Owners Must Never Forget

These 14 important reminders should serve you well as awesome Tibetan Terrier owners…

#1 Don’t be angry with me for too long😒

You have your friends and family to keep you happy and entertained. I just have you.

#2 Don’t be upset when I jump for joy when you come through the door😉

I only live for ten or fifteen years. You are what makes that time enjoyable. It’s hard on me when you go away.

#3 Give me time to understand what you want from me😃

I don’t always get it right on the first try, but I promise I’m trying as hard as I can.

#4 Give me your trust😘

Just like I trust you, I need you to trust me, too.

#5 Take me inside when the weather gets bad😉

The backyard doesn’t have air conditioning or a heater. You don’t have to let me on the couch, but a small part of the kitchen is much better than sleeping in the snow.

#6 Talk to me😆

Sure, we don’t speak the same language, but the sound of your voice brightens my whole day.

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