14 Tips To Apologize To Your Persian Cat

Oh no! Your actions have deeply offended your cat, and now it does not even allow you to approach it! Fortunately, it’s possible to earn a cat’s forgiveness.

#1 Choose the right time to apologize.

If you see that the cat is angry, you need to give it a little time before approaching and apologizing.

#2 Find out the cause of resentment.

If you offended a cat by teasing it, you should offer it a treat or praise it.

If you accidentally stepped on a cat’s tail or frightened it by dropping a pan, it might be enough just to hug it.

If you have taken a cat’s favorite place on the couch, you can give way and give the cat a treat.

#3 Approach the cat slowly.

If a cat runs away from you, it may still be angry with you, upset, or scared. Do not chase the cat, instead try again a few minutes later.

#4 Talk to the cat.

Tell: "Forgive me." You can name the cat by name. Make sure your voice is soft and calm; use a slightly higher tone than usual. Although the cat does not understand your words, it will understand your tone. Do not speak in a loud, piercing voice: cats have a very sensitive hearing, and in this way you will only cause irritation.

#5 Try to blink slowly.

The cat that trusts you blink slowly. By doing the same, you show the cat that you trust it.

#6 Gently pet the cat where it likes.

Be sure to pay attention to the mood of the cat: if the cat seems angry or upset, do not touch it.

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