Top 6 Disease-Prone Cat Breeds

For centuries, people have crossed domestic cats to get cats having certain qualities, appearance, and character. Of course, there are always some consequences of breeding. Each cat breed is prone to some genetic diseases.

So we introduce here Top 6 Disease-Prone Cat Breeds.

#1 Persian cat

Almost half of all Persians have kidney problems. 

But the most common disease is retinal atrophy. Moreover, 80% of Persian cats are overweight. 

They also can have problems with teeth and various types of dermatitis.

  1. This is so wrong. Persians do not overeat. PKD (kidney disease) has all but been eradicated as there is a DNA test for breeders now.

#2 Siamese cat

Siamese cats are one of the most disease-prone cat breeds.

Cats of this breed are prone to congenital heart disease, gangliosidosis, congenital nystagmus.

Old cats can get cancer, asthma, glaucoma, and diabetes.

#3 Himalayan cat

Himalayan cats are prone to skin asthenia (this is an incurable disease). Many cats of this breed can get hereditary cataracts. As a result of stress, these cats have a high risk of getting psychogenic alopecia and dermatitis.

#4 Exotic Shorthair

Genetically, this breed is prone to polycystic kidney disease, heart failure, breathing problems and tearing.

  1. OMG!!! Again – FALSE. PKD is a DNA test now – so we no longer use PKD+ cats in our breeding programs. They are not prone to heart disease and breathing issues is not a problem if bred properly

#5 Devon Rex

Kittens of this breed often die from mother's milk when the blood type of the baby and the mother do not match.

Newborn kittens are also prone to myopathy.

The breed is prone to heart failure and poor blood coagulation.

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