15 Breeds Of Dogs That Are Ideal For Living In Apartments

Dog is a sincere friend and reliable companion. For urban apartments, small and beautiful decorative dog breeds are often chosen. Here are the 15 most popular breeds for living in apartments:

#1 Yorkshire Terrier

Owners love to pamper York with interesting haircuts. Almost no fade, ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

#2 Chihuahua

The dog is easy to care for - it is enough to examine the ears and eyes, brush their teeth and regularly do a “manicure”

#3 Toy Terrier

The dog is quick-witted, but masterful, therefore, from childhood, education is necessary.

#4 Pomeranian

We do not recommend taking this breed to a family in which there are small children - the dog can become angry.

#5 Jack Russel Terrier

A dog is not bad for keeping in an apartment, but it will not be suitable for elderly and inactive people.

#6 Pug

Pug molts, so it’s not suitable for allergy sufferers. Every day you need to comb the dog and rarely bathe.

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