15 Breeds Of Dogs That Are Ideal For Living In Apartments

#7 French Bulldog

Bulldogs are very loyal, like leisurely walks - it is worth fastening them to a harness.

#8 Dachshund

They has a bass loud barking, They should be accustomed to "quiet" behavior. They likes walks, trips, outings in nature.

#9 Maltese

A good companion for an elderly person.

#10 Pekingese

He does not like to walk, he can "master" the diaper or tray. Heat may cause heat stroke!

#11 Shih Tzu

Shih tzu is one of those dogs that cannot live without attention, so a dog is not suitable for a busy owner.

#12 Chinese Crested.

They loves affection, stroking and hugging, in separation from the owners can get sick. No shedding, suitable for allergy sufferers

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