15 Fascinating Facts About Abyssinian Cats

#7 The standards prescribe four varieties of color: wild, sorrel, fawn and blue. More often than others there is a wild color, implying a combination of black and dark brown shades.

#8 The trademark of the Abyssinian cat is the expressive almond-shaped eyes. Most often they are amber or pistachio with an expressive black rim.

#9 By nature, the Abyssinian cat resembles a dog. The Сat chooses a “beloved owner” and can always follow him on the heels.

#10 Abyssinian cats are quite easily trained and can easily master simple teams.

#11 Abyssinian Сats with proper training can bring a wand or toy.

#12 Abyssinians willingly make contact with almost everyone. They can easily get along under the same roof with other cats and even dogs at any age.

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