15 Incredible Facts About The Dalmatians: breed history, salient features, spotty details

Dalmatians – these fantastic dogs, white in a black spot, always attract attention. Still, in addition to their attractive appearance, they also have some other positive qualities for which they can be loved with all my heart.

#1 Dalmatians are enduring, energetic and at the same time obedient and kind dogs, which are ideal pets.

#2 Dalmatians are not born into the world with their famous spots. Dalmatian puppies are born completely white.

#4 Dalmatians have spots not only on wool, they are everywhere. If you look into the dog’s mouth, you can see that characteristic marks are also present on the mucous membranes.

#5 Spots can be not only black but also brown.

    • Right lol! They come in many different colors, lemon, liver, orange, brindle, tri color, even long coat!

  1. True Dalmatians come with either black spots, liver spots or tricolor. Any other color combination It would not be considered a dalmatian. Dalmatian spots are recessive gene

#6 A significant proportion of Dalmatians are deaf or partially deaf.

  1. The white pigment and their ears is somehow related to hearing loss. Most dalmatians nowadays tend to have almost completely black ears.

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