15 Interesting Facts About Caracals

Caracal is an amazing and unusual feline animal. Do you want to know more about them? Then start reading.

#1 Caracal (steppe or desert lynx) is a predatory mammal of the cat family.

#2 For a long time, caracal was attributed to lynxes, on which it resembles in appearance, however, a number of genetic features distinguished it in a separate genus.

#3 The name “caracal” comes from the Turkish karakulak – “black ear”, since the rear side of the ears of these cats is black.

#4 Outwardly, the caracal resembles a lynx, but smaller, slimmer and with a uniform color. The length of the body is 65-82 centimeters, the tail is 25-30 centimeters, the height at the shoulders is about 45 centimeters; weight – 11-19 kilograms. Ears with tassels (up to 5 centimeters) at the end.

#5 Currently, scientists know nine subspecies of this predator.

#6 Caracal behaves very quietly, but he can also growl like a leopard. If he is unexpectedly caught by prey, he hisses and growls, like all cats.

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