15 Nutrition Tips For The Brussels Griffon

#7 Busting with protein negatively affects the development of the dog, the condition of the skin and coat, is fraught with allergic reactions.

#8 Keep track of the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the feed. The optimum proportion is when 20% more calcium than phosphorus.

#9 Strictly adhere to the instructions for feeding, do not exceed the daily norm.

#10 A prerequisite for the health of a doggie receiving dry granules is constant access to clean, drinking water. Better raw but filtered. Make sure your Griffon drinks it in sufficient quantity.p

#11 NATURAL PRODUCTS – TASTY AND USEFUL. We feed exclusively healthy and fresh natural products.

#12 Your griffon can be fed with any raw meat except pork and poultry. Chicken can be given only in boiled form.

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