15 Pros And Cons Of Decorative Rabbits That You Should Know

Cute, sociable, wonderful animals, these decorative rabbits. 🐰 They love affection and communication. Content does not cause much trouble. If you love this furry animal with all your heart, then all the points from the “cons” section will seem to you like little pranks and whims. So, let’s take a closer look at these pets. What are their main pros and cons?

#1 Very beautiful and cute animals!

It’s a pleasure to stroke them, because their fur is like continuous tenderness - well, very soft!

#2 Rabbits are exciting!

Still, this is not a tame and accustomed beast, but a wild one - all the instincts from the forest right at your place.

#3 Rabbits are pretty neat animals.

Divides his cage (only if it is large) into zones for rest, feeding and a toilet.

#4 Not tame animals, but do not like loneliness.

They like being near people and watching how they are being watched.

#5 Not at all aggressive.

Of course, if you do not squeeze them and do not offend them - after all, this is not cats for you. Sami will never attack and will not bite.

#6 Easy to feed.

Their main food is hay. There are still various food additives, but feeding rabbits is quite easy and simple.

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