15 Smart Home Gadgets That Help Your Cat Live

These “smart” drinking bowls, feeders and toys will entertain cats and make life easier for their owners🤖🐱🐈

#1 Smart drinker🐱

A drinking trough equipped with a filter is designed like a fountain: excess water is not sprayed but flows back into the bowl. A special mobile application informs the owner of how much water the cat consumes per day so that the symptoms of various diseases can be detected in a timely manner. In addition, the application notifies you when you need to change the water or filter.

#2 Mini-sauna🐱

The infrared sauna Fauna Sauna will help warm a thermophilic pet in the cold season, the rays of which are safe and even beneficial for the animal.

#3 Translator from a cat language🐱

This device from Japan ayzes meow and displays the emotions of an animal.

#4 Slippers for cleaning🐱

Their sole is decorated with a soft nap so that the catwalks around the apartment not only satisfies his curiosity but also benefit his owners.

#5 Laser toy🐱

This gadget will entertain the cat while its owner is busy or absent. It can be used for joint games, directing the laser beam in different places and watching how the pet is trying to catch him.

#6 Cat toilet seat🐱

The device is attached under the rim of the toilet bowl and is filled with cat litter. First, you should use a fully assembled seat, and when the cat gets a little used to the new place - disconnect its central part. As the animal gets used to it, the hole can be increased, and eventually get rid of it altogether.

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