15 Smart Home Gadgets That Help Your Cat Live

#7 Sofa toy🐱

In the back of this sofa, there is a tunnel for games and relaxation.

#8 Educational toy🐱

The NoBowl Feeding System consists of a plastic feed container and a soft rat case. She will turn the meal into an exciting game, forcing the cat to independently search for food and hunt. The toy’s speaker makes various sounds, and the tail-rope allows the owner to move the “prey”, forcing the pet to run.

#9 “Smart” feeder🐱

You can manage Easy Feed Automatic Pet Feeder - set and adjust the food and water supply schedule - using the smartphone application. The feeder sensors ayze the animal’s appetite and the amount of water consumed, which allows the owner to remotely monitor his health.

#10 Self-cleaning tray🐱

The tray will remove the animal’s vital products into a special container - the owner will only have to pour the contents of the container on time and fill up the filler in the tray.

#11 Running ring🐱

The sedentary lifestyle of domestic cats can adversely affect their health. The One Fast Cat running simulator, according to its creators, entertains the pet and improves its health.

#12 Scratchy dog in the form of a dog🐱

This thing will provide care for the cat's claws and protect wallpaper and upholstered furniture from damage.

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