15 Tips to Cool Your Dog on Hot Summer Days That You Should Know

In hot weather, it is not easy for everyone – both people and animals. Exposure to high temperatures, especially in combination with stress and physical exertion, can lead to exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases and heatstroke. How to avoid such serious consequences and help the dog better withstand the heat?

#1 In hot weather, it is better to stay at home, especially if the apartment or house has air conditioning. If the dog is kept outdoors, make sure that there is enough shaded space in the enclosure so that the dog does not have to stay all day in the scorching sun or hide in a booth.

#2 If you regularly train with your dog, then in hot weather it is better to give up running in the park, active games, and long walks.

#3 Remember that asphalt and concrete pavement heat up very hot in the heat, so it is better to avoid asphalt paths when walking with a dog.

#5 You can put an ice cube in a bowl of water, as well as change the water more often than in normal weather.

#6 Dogs with chronic illnesses are more at risk for heat stroke. Regular medical examinations and monitoring of the underlying disease will help to avoid unforeseen complications in hot weather.

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