15 Unusual Penguin Facts

Penguins are cute creatures, amazing and beautiful in their own way. A lot of information is known about them. I propose to get acquainted with the most unusual facts about them.

#1 Penguins are afraid of killer whales. When the penguins do not know if their natural enemy is nearby, they crowd for a long time on the edge of the ice floe until the bravest member of the flock dares to dive. If he survives, the rest follow him.

#2 Penguins really do not freeze in cold water thanks to a thick layer of fat and feathers that are closely adjacent to each other.

#3 Polar penguin species can withstand temperatures up to -60 degrees.

#4 Papuan penguins when swimming develop a speed of over 35 kilometers per hour.

#5 The legs of the penguins do not freeze, because the number of nerve endings in them is minimal.

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