38 Awesome German Shepherd Mixes You Need To Feast Your Eyes On

Because of the breed’s popularity across the United States, many breeders have brought this noble purebred pup into the designer dog family.  Below we walk through 38 different German Shepherd mixes that you’d be lucky to welcome into your home!

Check out these 38 different German Shepherd Mixes! We look at several popular German Shepherd hybrids that will be sure to love your family!

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#6 Euro Mountain Sheparnese (German Shepherd x Bernese Mountain Dog mix)

#8 German Malinois (Malinois X) (German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois mix)

#11 German Australian Shepherd (German Shepherd x Australian Shepherd mix)

#13 German Anatolian Shepherd (German Shepherd x Anatolian Shepherd mix)

#14 American Bulldog Shepherd (German Shepherd x American Bulldog mix)

#27 Native American Village Dog (German Shepherd x Native American Indian Dog mix)

#38 German Yorkie Shepherd (German Shepherd x Yorkshire Terrier mix)

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