50 Popular Dog Names Inspired by Lady and The Tramp Movie

“Lady and The Tramp” is a very popular Disney movie. If you`re one of its fans, you can consider the following dog names for naming your pup.

  •     Annette (Lady’s pup)
  •     Peg (A Pekingese dog character)
  •     Darling (Lady’s owner, this name would suit a Maltese well)
  •     Broken (Ace A female stray)
  •     Professor (Voiced by Dallas McKennon)
  •     Barbara (Barbara Luddy, voice of Lady)
  •     Walt (For Walt Disney)
  •     Scooter (A female dog character in the movie, fitting for a busy pup)
  •     Nip (Si’s original name)
  •     Reggie (A mean Bulldog)
  •     Ralph (Story creator)
  •     Woolie (One of the animators)
  •     Scottie (Refers to the Scottish Terrier)
  •     Junkyard (After the mean junkyard dogs)
  •     Greene (Last name of the book’s author)

  •     Peggy (Refers to Peggy Lee, a voice of Lady)
  •     Lillian (A female Chow puppy)
  •     Mary (One of the show’s background artists)
  •     Ruby (A dog friend of Tramp)
  •     Verna (Verna Felton, a voice actress)
  •     Disney (For Walt Disney)
  •     Oliver (Wrote the song ‘Lady’ for the movie)
  •     Reggie (A fat stray dog)
  •     Sparky (One of the dogs in the movie; suits a Dalmatian)
  •     Mr Busy (The beaver who chews off Lady’s muzzle)
  •     Danielle (Lady’s pup)
  •     Sarah (Refers to Aunt Sarah who was mean to Lady)
  •     Si (Female cat in the film)
  •     Luddy (Barbara Luddy’s last name)
  •     Lady (The main female dog character)

  •     Erdman (One of the film’s story creators)
  •     Scamp (The son of Lady)
  •     Ruffy (A female canine character)
  •     Hamilton (One of the directors of the film)
  •     Clyde (One of the directors of the movie, a hound dog would wear this name well)
  •     Francois (One of the junkyard gang)
  •     Collette (The name of Lady’s daughter)
  •     Auntie (As in Aunt Sarah)
  •     Lu (After the song, La La Lu)
  •     Ward (First name of the book’s author, fitting for a clever dog)

  •     Joe (Artist who created Lady)
  •     Am (Female Siamese cat in the movie)
  •     West (The story takes place in the Midwest)
  •     Buster (Mean dog in the show)
  •     Fluffy (A female dog character, great for the Poodle in your life)
  •     Angel (A puppy in the movie, suits a Pomeranian)
  •     Jock (The Scottish Terrier)
  •     Lovey (The Cocker Spaniel and the mutt find love)
  •     Tuck (Am’s original name)

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