60 Dog Names Meaning Brave: The Bravest Names for Your Dog


Are you looking for a dog name that captures your dog’s brave personality? Check out this list of 60 dog names meaning brave.

These names are perfect for dogs who are always willing to face new challenges head-on.

Whether your dog is always the first one to jump into the pool or is never afraid to bark at a stranger, these names will suit them perfectly!

Male Dog Names Meaning Brave

Names Meanings
Diyon A Sinhala name meaning brave birth
A symbol of strength, fertility, and courage to the Celts
An English and Dutch name meaning lionhearted or brave lion
A name from Egypt that means brave
An English name meaning brave and powerful
A German or Swiss name meaning bold and brave
An Arabic or Muslim name that means brave and strong
The Lithuanian word meaning brave
A synonym for bravery
A name meaning brave in Turkish
A name meaning brave council in German
A name meaning brave man in Latin
A Sikh name that means brave from the heart
A name from Japan meaning brave second son
A German name meaning brave or bold ruler
A Finnish name meaning brave
A name that means courageous and largehearted in Greek
A name meaning brave from the Algonquin tribe
A name that means bold as a bear in both English and Norman French
The Teutonic or Old German meaning of this name is valiant and brave
An Old Germanic name brave council or strong judgment
A Hindi name that translates into brave or fearless
These large, regal looking cats are seen as symbols of bravery and courage
A name from England meaning genuine courage
This flower signifies masculinity and bravery in Japan
An Indian name that means brave and powerful
A name that means brave wanderer in Tibetan
Irish surname meaning brave warrior
A name meaning brave power in German, English, and French
A name meaning brave and powerful in Muslim

Female Dog Names Meaning Brave

Names Meanings
A name meaning courage and vigor in the Basque culture
An Esperanto name meaning brave
The word brave in German
A Muslim name that means brave woman
This name means brave in Gaelic
A name that means brave, fearless, and courageous in Sanskrit and Hindi
A Chinese name meaning courage
A name with a Greek origin meaning courageous
The Lithuanian translation of brave
This is an African name meaning lion, an animal that often symbolizes courage
An Indian name that means a brave woman
The Indonesian word for brave
A name that means brave in Welsh
An Old German name meaning the courage of the bear
The borage flower is said to represent courage
French and Germanic name meaning bold as a bear
A Swahili name meaning honest and brave
A flower that is seen as a symbol of courage and inner strength
A name meaning bravery in Latin America
This is the Latin word for bravery
This stone is associated with courage and the release of anxiety
A Czech name meaning strong and courageous
A name meaning courageous in Gaelic and Irish
A Korean name that means one who is brave
A middle English name meaning daring and brave
These brave female figures from Old Norse legend chose who died in battle, then escorted the slain to Valhalla
This name means strongwilled, wise, or hero in Irish and brave adviser in German
An EnglishAmerican name meaning a brave and courteous woman
Although Keena means a knot in Hindi, it means brave in Celtic, Gaelic, and Irish
A name from Africa meaning brave or courageous

Examples of Real-Life Brave Dogs

Dogs aren’t just our furry companions; they can be incredible heroes too.

Throughout history, countless canines have displayed remarkable bravery, saving lives and going above and beyond the call of duty.

Here are a few inspiring examples:

Heroic search and rescue

Search and rescue dogs play a crucial role in disaster relief and missing person cases. 

One such example is Trakr, a Labrador Retriever who helped locate survivors after the horrific attacks of 9/11.

Trakr worked tirelessly for weeks, offering comfort and hope amidst the tragedy.

Loyal protectors

Many dogs have a natural instinct to protect their loved ones.

Bretagne, a Belgian Malinois, displayed this bravely. 

When Bretagne’s owner, a police officer, was shot during a raid, she charged at the suspect, distracting him and allowing officers to apprehend him.

Bretagne’s bravery likely saved her owner’s life.

Guiding the way

Guide dogs for the visually impaired are incredible partners, offering independence and safety.

Fitzroy, a Labrador Retriever guide dog, demonstrated this when he steered his owner away from the path of the London bombings in 2005. 

Fitzroy’s quick thinking and loyalty ensured his owner’s safety during a terrifying event.

Military marvels

Military working dogs play a vital role in various operations. 

One such example is Cairo, a German Shepherd who served with the US Navy SEALs.

Cairo famously helped locate Osama bin Laden during the 2011 raid.  Cairo’s bravery and skill were crucial to the mission’s success.


Fictional Brave Canine Characters

The world of fiction is brimming with brave canine companions!

These fictional furry friends inspire us with their loyalty, selflessness, and unwavering courage.

Here are a few iconic examples:

  • Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo): While Scooby may not be the bravest at first glance, his loyalty to his human friends, the Mystery Inc. gang, is undeniable. 
  • Bolt (Bolt): This Disney movie tells the story of Bolt, a dog who believes he has superpowers thanks to his life on a TV show set..
  • Fang (Harry Potter): Hagrid’s loyal companion, Fang, is a giant boarhound who embodies courage and protectiveness. 
  • Balto (Balto): Balto, a half-wolf, half-husky, leads the final leg of the treacherous journey, delivering life-saving medicine through a blizzard.
  • Agama (Amulet): This graphic novel series features a young girl named Emily who awakens the spirit of a wolf named Amulet.
  • Snoopy (Peanuts): While Snoopy’s adventures often involve his wild imagination, he also displays moments of courage.

Tips to Choose Brave-Sounding Names

When choosing a brave-sounding name, consider the following tips:

Consider the name’s meaning

Look for names that have a meaning associated with bravery, strength, or courage.

For example, names like Adila (meaning “righteous, fair” in Arabic), Aila (meaning “from the strong place” in Scottish Gaelic), or Everett (meaning “brave as a wild boar” in English and German) all convey a sense of strength and courage.

Consider the name’s origin

Look for names that originate from cultures or mythologies known for their bravery and strength.

For example, names like Hera, Bellatrix, or Hilda (all meaning warrior) can evoke a sense of bravery and strength.

Consider the name’s sound

Choose a name that sounds strong and bold. Names with hard consonants or strong syllables can convey a sense of strength and power.

For example, names like Fergus (meaning “man of force” in Celtic mythology) or Archie (meaning “truly brave” in Teutonic) have a bold, powerful sound.

Consider the name’s popularity

While a unique name can be appealing, consider the potential for bullying or difficulty fitting in if the name is too unconventional.

Look for names that are rare but not completely unknown, like Abir (meaning “strong” in Hebrew or “fragrance” in Arabic) or Evander (meaning “bow warrior” in Greek and Gaelic).

Consider the name’s fit with your family’s traditions

If you have a family tradition of naming children after historical figures or mythological characters, consider names that fit within that tradition.

For example, if your family has a history of naming children after strong female characters, consider names like Valianta (meaning “valiant” in Latin) or Audrina (meaning “noble strength” in a unique variation of Audrey).



Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your dog’s personality or one that pays homage to a favorite hero, we hope this list of brave dog names provides inspiration for naming your new furry friend.

If you are looking for more ideas, make sure to check our main dog name meanings, you can find tons of ideas there!

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