6 Dog Breeds That Don’t Like To Swim

The truth is that not all breeds can swim well at all. Sad, but true.

#1 Bulldog

Due to the deformation of the facial bones of the skull, it is difficult for them to breathe while swimming.

#2 Dachshund

Dachshund actively "works" with all its paws so as not to drown.

#3 Corgi

Corgis are not great swim lovers. They prefer to walk chest in water.

#4 Pug

Pugs get tired very quickly in the water. Due to the structure of the muzzle can choke.

#5 Chihuahua Maltese mix

Chihuahua Maltese mix dog can learn to swim, but very quickly get cold in the water, they are afraid of the slightest sounds, due to which they can get scared and drown.

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