8 Appearance Of The Dog Breeds 100 Years Ago And Now

The age of breeding “improvements” in pure breeds has turned once healthy dogs into deformed animals. It is believed that purebred dogs have special qualities and generally look prettier. But recently, photographs from a 1915 book appeared on the Internet – V.E. Mason Breeds Of All Nations by W. E. Mason, which demonstrates how the species of all known dog breeds has changed over the past century. It is clearly seen how the centuries-old breeding work to “improve” the breeds adversely affected the appearance and health of thoroughbred dogs.

#2 Boxer now

The modern Boxer now has even more problems with overheating due to the fact that the muzzle has become even shorter and more upturned than before. Shortening the face leads to problems with teeth and hearing. Many puppies are born deaf to one or both ears. Often there is entropion (inversion of the century). There are several other disorders associated with maintaining their appearance - aortic stenosis and arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy of the right ventricle, hypothyroidism and bloating.

#4 Basset Hound now

The comparison shows that the Basset Hound has become much lower, and its ears are much longer in comparison with the dog in the photograph of a hundred years ago. From the reduction of the hind legs, the dog got even bigger problems with the spine and hip dysplasia. Because of this, the animal quickly gains weight, which only exacerbates its disease. Constant eye problems - from glaucoma to ectropia (“cherry eye”). Big ears may look cute, but they cause great inconvenience to the dog.

#6 Bull Terrier now

The Bull Terrier was a beautiful sports dog. Without an ugly face and sagging belly. The new shape of the skull led to problems with teeth and progressive deafness. In addition, the dog has a congenital dislocation of the elbow and frequent sunburn.

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